Product description: Based on digital processing, and maintaining the advantages obtained through unique features such as its high range spectrum analyzer and combo mode, the H60 Meter is the most advanced field meter in the market. In addition, further measures have been added to CATV operators as well as a stretched frequency spectrum up to 3.3 GHz, to analyze signals from optical LNBs and LTE signals. All this with a larger screen and higher definition. The H60 series meter is the ultimate expression of the H-Series meters adding more advanced features to those already implemented in the meters H45: Main functions: - Screen with higher resolution (VGA 640x480) thanks to its digital interface. - Specific measures for CATV networks: TILT, CTB, CSO and HUM. - Automatic measurements of RF attenuation. - MPEG-4. - Conditional Access Module CAM. - LTE analysis with stretched spectrum up to 3.3 GHz. - FO interface: CWDM (selective) and broadband. - HDMI output for both video and OSD. - DVB-T2 option.

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  • Proizvajalec: TELEVES
  • Šifra: H60
  • Razpoložljivost: Dobavljivo v 2-3 delovnih dneh
  • 9,090.90€

  • Brez DDV: 7,451.56€